Granfondo Lisboa | Rules
RULES 2021



Art.1 - The 3rd edition of the Lisboa Grafondo will have the official start at 08:00 am, on October 3rd 2021 (Sunday) in Lisbon, ending at the same place of the start. The course will have an approximate length of 124 km.


Art.2 - The Lisboa Grafondo is not a race. It is a cycling challenge in which participant cycle at your own pace throughout the length of the course. However, participants are timed, by electronic chips (time taken to complete the entire course or some segments identified before the event by the organization).




Art.3 - The Lisboa Granfondo obeys the rules of the Portuguese Cycling Federation and is therefore subject to the principles contained in that regulation. It is an event open to all cyclists, federated or not federated, of both sexes over 18 years.


Art.4 - The participation of professional cyclists is subject to prior invitation by the organization and the fact that they are prevented from appearing in the classifications as well as competing in any of the trophies and respective podiums.


Art.5 - Prevention from participation in the event for athletes to fulfil their respective federation’s penalties for use of doping substances. Is also forbidden to use doping substances before, during and after the event.

Any participant with a positive result in an anti-doping control during the event will be immediately disqualified, prohibited from participating definitively in any other event organized by the Clube Chronos and subject to legal proceedings brought by the organizer for misconduct and prejudice of the good image of the event and cycling as a whole.


Art.6 - The participant is allowed only the use of two-wheeled vehicles (bike road, bike all-terrain, tandem) without any engine.


Art.7 – Participants are required to use approved cycling helmet. Not to comply with this rule will result in immediate disqualification.


Art.8 - The participation in the event is the responsibility of each participant, assuming the entire risk related to its participation.


Art.9 - To participate in the event the athlete must to have a valid Portuese Cycling Federation license, or alternatively take the 1 day license provided by Portuguese Cycling Federation that includes an insurance exclusively for the event with the following conditions:

Personal Accidents (PA)

  • Death or permanent disability by accident: 28 043,00€
  • Expenditure on treatment and repatriation by accident: 5 000.00 €
  • Funeral expenses (expenses): 2 700,00 €

Civil Responsibility (CR)

  • Capital covered by associate, claim and annuity € 50,000.00


Art.10 - The organization is not responsible for any accident that may be caused or may victimize any participant, which should be covered by the insurance of the Portuguese Cycling Federation, or for any expenditure incurred by any participant during the event.


Art.11 - The athletes are responsible for their registration and participation in Lisboa Granfondo, aware that this is a real physical challenge, requiring adequate preparation and a good physical shape. It is strongly recommended that each athlete should do an appropriate medical examination before participating in this event.




Art.12 – Prices and Registrations deadlines:

Early Birds (Promotional Period)

  • June 18th, 2020, at 12:00 pm – September 30th, 2020 at 11:59 pm *

 - Federated € 55.00

 - Non-federated € 60.00 **

* Limited to the first 200 registrations - If the limit of the first 200 registrations is reached, before September, 30th, 2020, the application of the normal price will be brought forward to the date when this limit of the 200 registrations is reached


1st period

  • October 1st, 2020 at 12:00 am – August 31st, 2021 at 11:59 pm

 - Federated € 70.00

 - Non-federated € 75.00 **

Official Jersey - Athletes registered during this period will have their Official jersey (offered with the registration) included in the participant kit that will be delivered to the race office.


2nd period

  • September 1st , 2021 at 12:00 am – September 26th, 2021 at 11:59 pm

 - Federated € 75.00

 - Non-federated € 80.00 **

Official Jersey - Athletes registered during this period will NOT have their Official Jersey (offered with the registration) included in the participant kit that will be delivered tat the Race Office. The Official jersey will be sent by post within six weeks after the race (from October 30th).


Last Period

The organization keeps a limited number of last-minute registrations, which can be made during the last week, and until the day before the event. However, registrations made during this period do not include the Official Jersey offer and require prior validation by the organization.

  • September 27th, 2021 12:00 am – October 2nd at 07:00 pm

 - Federated € 75.00 - Registration does not include the Official Jersey

 - Non-Federated € 80.00 ** - Registration does not include the Official Jersey

** - Includes one-day license issued by the Portuguese Cycling Federation, with personal accident and liability insurance.

After payment, no returns will be made to athletes who register as non-federated and become federated, that must be valid on the date of event.


Art 13 – What’s included:

- Participation in the event, with all the organization, logistic and legal support

- Official Jersey of the Event

(Athletes registered until August 31st, 2021 will have their official Jersey in their participant kit. Those registered after that date will be sent to Official Jersey at their address within 6 weeks after the event).

- Frontal plate

- Solid and liquid recoveries.

- Mechanical assistance during the race

- Medical assistance during the race

- Personal Accident and Liability Insurance included in the Portuguese Cycling Federation One Day License (mandatory for non-federated athletes)

- Photographic coverage - with photos available on the event's official Facebook page.

- Time control with chip and the final results for times and categories.

- Finisher medal offer

- Showers (if the health rules in force at the time of the event allow it)

- Pasta Recovery - (replacement snack food at the finish)

- Personal Diploma of participation (with time reference) *

* This document is issued only in digital format and is available for download on the official website after the event.


Art 13.1 - The Official Jersey of the event is included as offer in the Participation Kit. The Organization invites and advises all participants to use the Official Jersey during the race, however it is not mandatory.

Participants who register between the September 1st 2021 and September 26th 2021 will not have the official jersey on the date of the event. The Official Jersey will be sent by post to the address indicated by the participant at the time of registration.

At registrations made after September 27th, 2021 the official jersey offer is not included.


Art.14 – with the registration it is possible to purchase some extras not included in the standard registration of the event.

The lunch for companions is one of the extras available to be purchased with an extra price of € 12.00 per person.


Art.15 - Registrations will be available on the official website The registration will be validated after the payment, on the established period and through the payment methods published on the official website.

Registration closes at 00:00 pm on September 26th, 2021 or when the limit of participants is reached.

No payments will be accepted after the deadline. Payments made after the deadline will be refunded within 90 days, by bank transfer, upon receipt of a Credit Note signed by the athlete, deducted from the amount of € 5 relating to administrative expenses.


Art.16 - The participant assumes that all the data filled in the registration form are correct and true and the email address provided is the best way to be communicated by the organization with all the important information about the event, considering informed by this way.


Art.17 - All contacts with the organization should be made by email to the address During October 2nd  and 3rd contacts can be made in person at the registration office or at the information office.


Art.18 - The invoice data will be issued according to the information filled on the registration form. After invoices are issued, changes will not be made, including the tax identification number indicated on the registration form.


Art.19 - By doing his registration each participant read and subscribes the responsibility disclaimer provided by the organization as it declares to know and take the risks inherent of participating in a cycling event open to traffic. In this responsibility disclaimer the athlete excludes the organization responsibility for any accident derived from his participation in the event. However, all participants will be covered by the event insurance, or by his federation insurance.


Art.20 - In case of withdrawal, if it is communicated to the organization through the email until midnight on September 3rd, 2021, 50% of the amounts paid for registration and extras will be returned to the participant. If the withdrawal is communicated after midnight of September 4th, 2021, no amount will be refunded to the withdrawing athletes.


Art.21 - An already regularized registration of a withdrawing athlete may be transferred to another substitute athlete, if it is communicated to the organization by email ( until September 26th.

To the athlete who quits will be sent a voucher corresponding to the value of his / her registration, to which the amount of € 5.00 relating to administrative expenses shall be subtracted, and the new athlete shall make a new registration using the same discount voucher and paying only the remaining value. To the substitute athlete will be assigned a new bib number.


Art.22 - The participation kit can be collected at the Registration Office, on October 2nd and 3rd at a time to be announced.


Art.23 - To collect the participant kit it is required to present an identification document (ID or passport) and the federation license duly recognized, (for the athletes federated on the Portuguese Cycling Federation).


Art.24 - Other person can collect the documentation, but he must submit good copies of the athlete’s documents.


Art.25 - In case that a registered athlete does not participate in the event, or doesn’t colect his participation kit at the registration office, the documentation and any gifts not collected at the race office, will not be sent, and it can only be collected at the registration office on the event dates.


Art.26 -  The plate number for the bike and chip equipment are owned by the Organization and the participant have permission to use it until the end of the event if complies with all the rules or by decision taken by the organization at any time.

At the end of the Event the plate number is offered to the participant by the organization. The Event munber and the chip are equipment for personal use and non-transferable and not allowed to be used by another person.


Art.27 - All participants must place the plate number on the front of the bicycle, in the area of the handlebar so as to be entirely visible. Any athlete who fails to comply with this rule will be prohibited to enter in the starting boxes and will be excluded from the event. It is strictly forbidden to modify the graphical content contained on the Event number on the bicycle or add any type of message or image-oriented advertising or otherwise.


Art.28 - The chip must be in the right position on the backside of the frontal identification number for the bike.


Art.29 - The organization can not be held responsible for errors or failures of the chip chrono system, either by improper use by the participant, or for any other reason.




Art.30 – On the departure for Granfondo, the participants are distributed on Starting Boxes with the following order and designations:

Box Premium – Pack Premium subscribers and invited athletes (limited to 200 atletas)

Box A – Bib Numbers 1 to 199

Box B - Bib Numbers 200 to 399 

Box C - Bib Numbers 400 to 599 

Box D - Bib Numbers 600 to 799 

Box E - Bib Numbers 800 to 999 

Box F - Bib Numbers 1.000 to 1.199

Box G - Bib Numbers 1.200 to 1.500

The distribution of participants by the starting boxes is done in order of confirmation of registration.


Art.31 - The event will take place on OPEN ROADS WITH TRAFFIC. All participants must strictly comply with traffic rules contained in the Portuguese Road Code, with particular attention to the requirement to keep the right side of the road and observe the rules of priority at junctions. Any person who does not respect these rules will be immediately expelled from the event and will be barred from participating in subsequent editions of the event.

Each participant is required to read and sign a statement provided by the organization which declares to know and take the risks inherent to participation in a competition open to traffic. In this statement the athlete precludes the organization responsibility for any accident derived from their participation in the event. However, the participants are covered by the event insurance.


Art.32 - In order to provide the concept of "everybody rides on his own pace” in all the course, the organization's vehicles will follow in front of the Event with an appropriate speed to not interfere with the pace of the participants. However, if necessary, the vehicles of the organization may restrict the speed of the participants.  In these situations, the participants cannot surpass the organization's cars circulating in front. Athletes who violate this rule are out of the safety system of the event, following at their own risk.


Art.33 - Assistance provided to athletes by support vehicles outside the organization is strictly prohibited. It also prohibited for vehicles to accompany the cyclists during the event. Information will be provided by the organization about the places recommended for caregivers to assist the transition and provide support to athletes. Security forces (Police) are present to prevent movement of support vehicles in the middle of cyclists in the Event, ensuring compliance with the code of the road.


Art.34 - The control of the event will be made by security forces, composed of elements of the GNR (National Republican Guard), corporations belonging to the territory and the traffic Corp, which will ensure compliance with traffic rules by all those involved in the event and other vehicles on the road.


Art.35 - The time control of each athlete will be carried out electronically, with chips. 
The use of the chip is mandatory, the athlete must meet the rules for its correct positioning and use. Improper use of the chip or non-use participation of an athlete does not show in the registration of its passage through the timing controls stipulated by the organization, causing the disqualification, with the consequent absence of the final list of times and the loss of his or her proof of participation.

Check points, where times will be recorded, will be located in the arrival and departure and other points along the Event course.


Art.36 - To ensure the integrity and safety of athletes, there are control points, which will set time limits for passing. Athletes who come to these control points after the time limit set for each control will be obliged to abandon the event and be collected by the vehicle "broom wagon" to the finish.

The locations of the controls and time limits for passing (closing of the controls) will be communicated to the participants before the event.

Participants who choose to continue by their own means will be required to report at the checkpoint with time and respective number of participant and will cease to be governed by the event organization and will carry on at their own risk from that point.


Art.37- Athletes who drop out during the event must address the organization's members, in person or by phone, announcing their withdrawal. Upon determining the absence of an athlete, rescue services will be advised. Any person who didn’t announce his or her withdrawal can be charged for the costs of the search and rescue. In addition will be punished with a ban from participating in later editions of the event.


Art.38 - Athletes must strictly comply with the time, including the time of departure (8:00 am), ensuring that they start before the sweeper car. Who doesn’t respect this rule of proof will be participating at is own risk, out of the organization’s control and responsibility.

Closing Time of the Start Checkpoint (km 0) - 10 minutes after the Start.


Art.39 - The organization has a medical monitoring team of the event, with several mobile medical teams and ambulances. If necessary participants must apply for help to organizational elements that trigger the necessary means of assistance.


Art.40 - Athletes who have suffered an accident during the event and needed emergency or medical services, should within three days after the event’s day, participate the accident to the organisation by email to

The participation of the accident is critical to ensure the coverage of the damage by the insurance company.


Art.41 - The organization shall have mechanical assistance along the route to try to solve mechanical problems.

In case of failure, the hand labor is free, however the replacement parts will be charged to athletes who need them. Participants must carry some money during the event to pay these costs. If the participant does not have enough money to cover the costs, must sign a debit note that will be passed by the mechanic assistant. This debit note should be payed in the end of the course, at the registration office.

The repair of punctures is excluded from the interventions provided by the mechanical support.

The mechanical assistance will consist by fixed and dynamic teams that will circulate along the course. Because of the event’s dynamic this service may not ensure assistance to all participants.

However, the existence of this mechanical assistance, the participants must properly prepare their bikes, making sure they are in the best condition in the beginning of the event.

The organization can never be blamed for the abandonment of an athlete caused by mechanical problems.


Art.42 - The athletes in the competition should ensure the transport of food and fluid replacement for their own food and hydration. However, the organization will assemble recovering stations, identified before the event, which will dispense some food and drinks.


Art.43 - For safety, it is forbidden for participants to use headphones as an accessory device for listening to music or using the phone during the event.


Art.44 - During the event, the participant is obliged to carry a mobile phone with the number provided on the registration form, an identity card and money if he wants to benefit from the availability of replacement parts in mechanical assistance during the event. In case of bad weather conditions, the organization may compel participants to use or transport some equipment, such as thermal blankets or windstop and waterproof clothes.


Art.45 - The organization has the right to make changes on the course and other dynamic of the event when justified for any reason, without having to compensate participants. 




Art.46 - Participants are required to have a responsible behavior with regard to cleaning and preserving the environment throughout the areas used by the race, from the race route to the departure and arrival area. It is strictly forbidden to throw waste to the ground, before, during and at the end of the race. When applicable, it is up to the participants to take care to keep the residues from the food and beverage packaging used in their replacement during the race. At the end of the race and in the areas of the course, containers will be made available by the organization to deposit the garbage transported by the athletes. The disregard for this rule implies the immediate exclusion of the athlete from the race, as well as the prohibition of participation in other events under the responsibility of the same organization.




Art.47 - The sanctions will be applied in these situations:


Art.47.1 - Do not respect the traffic rules, taking into account the fact that the roads are open to traffic.


Art.47.2 – Do not comply with the orders and directions given by the security forces and the elements of the organization.


Art.47.3 – Do not pass by the start and finish control or by the other control points along the existing course.


Art.47.4 – Fouling or degrading the route and other areas used in the event.


Art.47.5 – Have or are assisted by their own support vehicle circulating in the middle of the race and hindering the progress of the remaining cyclists.


Art.47.6 – Adopt an anti fairplay behavior, using irregular means or compromise the safety of others or their own safety to obtain any kind of advantage in your participation.


Art.47.7 – Adopt behaviors that prevent the normal running of the event and going against these Rules. 


Art.47.8 – In case of by words or acts, do not respect other participants or members involved in the organization.


Art.48 - The offenses can be detected and reported by members of the organization or by security forces, coming from the Juri Committee of the organization the final decision on sanctions for athletes concerned.


Art.49 - Sanctions that can be applied:
• Exclusion of the event, without any sort of classification or participation proof.
• Inclusion of the athlete’s name in the list of sanctioned athletes, to be published after the event.
• Exclusion in later editions of the event and other events organized by the same organization..
• Sanctions imposed by the police if the offenses are detected by the authorities and they consider to be deserving of sanction.




Art.50 - The Organisation exclusively holds the advertising and commercial rights of the Event, thus becoming their responsibility to negotiate and manage such rights on behalf and for the benefit of all participants, sponsors, partners and other entities.

Art.51 - The Organisation exclusively holds the right to receive, withhold and distribute all of the revenue from the commercial use of the commercial and advertising rights.


Art.52 - All Participants must scrupulously abide by all commercial contracts and agreements concerning the commercial use of the Event. Participants must make every possible effort to ensure the compliance with the obligations undertaken thereunder by the Organisation.


Art.53 - Except given express consent by the Organisation, the Participant is expressly prohibited to display or put up any publicity, and promote companies, products, goods, equipment or services, during the Event.


Art.54 - The Participant is responsible for any obligations resulting from the use of registered trademarks, patents and licenses of intellectual property rights, during the Event and upon its completion.


Art.55 - Should the Organisation be sued for breaching any of the rights mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Participant is then bound to compensate the Organisation for every expense resulting from such breach.




 Art.56 - The registration in this event and the acceptance of these rules automatically imply that the Participant authorises the Organisation to full or partially capture the Participant during the event.  These images may be used freely in the promotion and advertising of the event in every media channel (television, radio, press, internet, billboards, cards and fliers, photos and videos). The Participant therein grants the Organisation all image rights aforementioned for the purpose of commercial use and advertising, forfeiting the right to receive any financial compensation from the Organisation.




Art.57 - The Organisation of Granfondo Lisboa fully complies with the Data Protection Law in force. The athletes are fully aware and authorise the insertion and treatment of their personal data on files belonging to the Event’s Organisation. Said information will be used with the purpose of development, administrative and commercial management and other activities. The athletes must state the name they wish to see on the bib, in the participant’s list and on the final score that shall be published on the website of the Event.  In spite of the previous, the privacy policy allows the athlete to request the amendment or removal of their data by sending an e-mail request to


Art.58 - By confirming his registration, the participant authorizes to be contacted by Stop and Go and Clube Desportivo e Recreativo Chronos by telephone, sms and email for the following purposes:

  • Payment/Billing information
  • Participants’ information
  • Classification information
  • information about the event


Art.59 - Additionally, if the Participant grants the relevant authorisation upon registration, it will authorise the Organisation to:

  • Process the personal data received by the Organisation or generated as consequence of registration in the Event, for the execution of general commercial actions or adapted to the Participant’s profile, by any medium (Letter, telephone, e-mail, SMS, MMS, instant messaging apps, etc.), about products or services from the Organisation and the companies belonging to the Podium Events, S.A. group, or related to the execution and organisation of events, Events and sports competitions, merchandising or similar activities, during the period of time foreseen by the Organisation in its internal policies for retaining data. The Participant can, at any moment, revoke the present authorisation.


Art.60 - The Participant may, at any given time, exercise their right of access, correction, cancellation/deletion, opposition, limitation and portability recognised by the laws relating to Data Protection in force, by addressing the Organisation through registered mail with delivery receipt, at the address Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco, n.º 19, 3º Esquerdo, 1070- 100 Lisboa or by the following e-mail address


Art.61 - Notwithstanding the Participant’s ability to exercise the aforementioned rights, the Organisation will retain the personal data provided by the Participant or generated as a consequence registration and or participation in the Event for its duration, as well as during the limitation period of judicial actions that may be presented by either party.


Art.62 - Once that period is over, the Organisation may retain the processed personal data with the purpose of identifying former participants in order to offer them discounts and promotional campaigns in future Events, as well as to be able to provide them with products and services from the Organisation, whenever said Participants have authorised so.


Art.63 - For a better knowledge of the data protection rules implemented by the Organization, participants should consult the terms of the Privacy Policy published on the official event website at




Art.64 - All participants will have to comply with the measures applied by the organization in the different places and moments of the event, in order to safeguard the rules and guidelines issued by the local and national health authorities and that are in force on the date of the event.




Art.65 - Several reasons might force the Organisation to suspend, postpone or cancel the Event, as well as to change the location, schedule or course of the Event. In none of these circumstances may the Organisation be held accountable for breach of contract. Consequently, no accountability will be asked of the Organisation as it shall not be obliged to financially, or in any other way, compensate any athlete, person or entity by this fact.




Art.66 - Complaints must be submitted in writing on the registration office (during the event) or by email to, within a maximum of 24 hours after the finish line closing hour.




Art.67 - By registering, all Participants accept the present rules and, should any doubt or situation not foreseen here arise, they should inform the Organisation and present such queries in writing.


Art.68 - By registering, each participant agree to the terms and conditions of registration and participation in the Event and to all the conditions in the present Rules, which is the equivalent to declaring the following:


Art.68.1 - I have read and agree to the Official Rules of the Granfondo Lisboa, made available on the website ;


Art.68.2 - I am aware of my health status and confirm that I meet the physical and mental requirements to take part in the Event;


Art.68.3 - I declare that I will not take part in the Event, should my health status change after registration;


Art.68.4 - I am aware of the contents of the existing insurance policy;


Art.68.5 - By taking part in the Event, I authorise the Organisation and their partners in this Event to use my image completely free of charge and without any restrictions. I thus yield all image rights, namely photographs and video footage captured during the Event, forfeiting to receive any earnings resulting from the diffusion of such images in communicational support pieces;


Art.68.6 - It is of my own free will that I take part in this Event, exempting the Organisation, their parters, directors, associates and other companies associated with the Event, from any responsibility resulting from my participation, before, during and after the Event (for instance, loss of personal belongings by theft, damages or other circumstances);


Art.68.7 - I am aware of the conditions of cancellation of the Event, which I fully accept.




Art.69 - The Organisation is not held accountable for any loss or malfunction that might affect the Participants’ equipment. The Participant exonerates the Organisation of responsibility for the loss or any damage of any personal object, under every circumstance.


Art.70 - By registering and validating the registration in Granfondo Lisboa, the Participants acknowledge and fully accept the Rules, renouncing any legal action against the Organisation, derived from their participation in the Event.


Art.71 - The Organisation shall form a Event Jury, comprised of five elements of the Organisation that shall decide on the sanctions to be applied and on every matter concerning the Event that has not been subject to these Rules, as well as to decide on any misinterpretation of the Rules.


Art.72 - These Rules are subject to change. Any changes, amendments or eventual annexes to the present Rules shall be published on the official website of the Event, and will be tacitly accepted, should there be no opposition of any of the introduced rules in a maximum of eight days from date of release, provided that such opposition is made in writing to the Organisation by the following e-mail address:


Art.73 - The present Rules come into effect at 00.00 on January 18th, 2021, revoking all previous dispositions or determinations.


Art.74 - The organization of Granfondo Lisboa is the responsibility of the Clube Desportivo e Recreativo Chronos, in partnership with Stream Plan, Lda.