3º Granfondo Lisboa cancelado.
3rd Granfondo Lisboa cancelled. Know more...
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Granfondo 2021
3rd Granfondo Lisboa cancelled. Know more...
17:08 - 01 September, 2021

Granfondo Lisboa scheduled for October 3, 2021 was canceled due to restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Mass events like the Granfondo Lisboa were one of the activities most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

After a period of more than a year in which these events could not even be held, we are living now a new period of no less difficulty for organisers and participants, where the permissions to hold events is dependent on constantly changing opinions and measures, where the uncertainty and volatility of the rules often force last-minute changes to the conditions for the participation of athletes and the setting up of the whole event.

On the other hand, and despite some progress to allow to organize events, the measures that remain as mandatory, continue to forbid the existence of spaces and moments of conviviality that are in the essence and spirit of these events.

Thus, despite our and everyone's wish, the organization concluded that the necessary conditions for the realization of the Lisbon Granfondo have not been met, since the dimension and complexity of this event are not compatible with the constraints and especially with the unpredictability that still remains.

In order to avoid successive postponements, the organization decided to cancel the Granfondo Lisboa 2021, waiting for the necessary conditions to be restored so that the event can be held according to the expectations of all participants and all entities involved.

We regret this situation, however we believe that this is the best decision for the participants, seeking to safeguard their expectations regarding their participation in the Granfondo Lisboa, enjoying in the best way this event and the city of Lisbon.

All the registered athletes were contacted by email, about this situation. If you are registered on Granfondo Lisboa and you didn’t receive any email, please contact us bay email to: gflisboa@clubechronos.com

We thank all the athletes for their understanding and trust.

Kind Regards.

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