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22 May - 22 July

FPC Federated 55€

Not Federated 60€

On these prices a 25% discount applies for participants in the 2018 edition

On these prices a discount of 15% for new participants applies


23 July - 31 December

FPC Federated 55€

Not Federated 60€


1 January 2019 - 15 March 2019

FPC Federated 60€

Not Federated 65€


16 March 2019 - 29 March 2019

Federados 65€ - Registration does not include Official Jersey

Não Federados 70€ - Registration does not include Official Jersey



Participation Kit


​•  Official Event Jersey. High quality Jersey worth €60.00 (retail price) 

​•  Participation in the event with an organisational framework

​•  Timekeeping with electronic chip

​•  Frontal plate

​•  Various gifts

​•  Liquid and solid refuelling

​•  Mechanical assistance

​•  Medical assistance

​•  Personal Injury Insurance (for athletes who are not members of the FPC)

​•  Finisher Medal

​•  Finisher Diploma (in digital format)

​•  Showers

​•  Luncheon at the end of the Event



With the registration and at any moment (as long as it is within the established timeframes) the following extras may be acquired in the athlete’s area:

​• Access to race day luncheon for anyone accompanying, €12/person.

​• Tracker rent- Invite your friends and family to follow your ride, anywhere in the world. Rent a small geolocation device and take it with you during the ride. This allows for remote following, in real time, of your position along the course, on a public platform the organisation will make available.

Starting Boxes:

The start will be organised by starting pens in the following order: A - invited cyclists; B - Bibs #150 to #299; C- Bibs up to #599; D - Bibs up to #899; E - Bibs up to # 1,199; F - Bibs up to #1,399; G - Bibs up to #1,699; H - Bibs up to #2.000...

Bib numbers are assigned by order of registration.



No fees will be returned in the event of withdrawal or cancelation of the registration.

Travel and Accommodation

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Art. 1.The 2nd edition of the Gran Fondo Lisboa will start at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday 7th April 2019, in the Centre of Lisbon. The course has a length of approximately 150km, and it will finish at the same place as the start.


Art. 2.The Gran Fondo Lisboa is not a competitive event. It’s a bicycle touring event where each participant will progress at their own speed along the full extension of the course, while their time will be kept electronically (chip), for the whole course or for predetermined segments which will be announced by the organisation before the event.





Art. 3.The Gran Fondo Lisboa is a bicycle touring event that follows the rules set by the Portuguese Cycling Federation (FPC) as an Open Race and also the rules by the UCI for Open Races, therefore being subjected to the principles stated in the aforementioned rules. It’s an event open to all cyclists, whether competitive or cycling for leisure, members of the Portuguese Cycling Federation or not, of both genders, and aged 18 or older. The participation of cyclists affiliated with the Portuguese Cycling Federation as professionals will be restricted to invitations previously sent by the organisation, and to the exclusion of their times from the final results as well as the impediment to challenge for any trophy and consequent podium place.


Art. 4.Athletes serving a ban from their federation for the use performing enhancing drugs will not be allowed to take part. It is also forbidden to use any illegal substance during the event.


Art. 5.Na Only two-wheeled vehicles can be used (road bicycles, mountain bicycles, tandem), without any type of engine.


Art. 6.The use of a certified cycling helmet is compulsory. The non-observance of this rule will lead to immediate exclusion from the event.


Art. 7.The Official Event Jersey, which is part of the Participation Kit. The Organisation invites and suggests all cyclists to wear the Official Jersey during the ride, but this is not compulsory.


Art. 8.Taking part in the event is of the sole responsibility of each participant, who will accept in their entirety the risks inherent to their participation.


Art. 9.In order to take part, it’s mandatory that the athlete has a valid licence (at the date of registration) as a member of the Portuguese Cycling Federation, in a competitive class or cycling for all. Athletes who aren’t members of the FPC must subscribe the one day licence made available by the Portuguese Cycling Federation, which includes a Personal Injury and Civil Liability insurance with the following coverage:


- funds for death and/or permanent disability €27 006.00

- treatment expenses up to €4 320.00

- Funeral expenses €2 160


Art. 10.The organisation is not responsible for any accident that may be caused, or that may affect any participant, nor for any expenses made by a participant during the event. Therefore, each participant must be covered by their federation’s licence (athletes who are members of the Portuguese Cycling Federation (FPC).


Art. 11.The athletes are responsible for their registration and participation in the Gran Fondo Lisboa, aware that this is a physically demanding event that requires an adequate preparation and good shape. It’s recommended that each athlete undergoes an adequate medical exam before taking part in the ride.





Art. 12.

Art. 12.1.- Prices and registration dates:


22 May - 22 July

FPC Federated 55€

Not Federated 60€

On these prices a 25% discount applies for participants in the 2018 edition

On these prices a discount of 15% for new participants applies


23 July - 31 December

FPC Federated 55€

Not Federated 60€


1 January 2019 - 15 March 2019

FPC Federated 60€

Not Federated 65€


16 March 2019 - 29 March 2019

Federados 65€ - Registration does not include Official Jersey

Não Federados 70€ - Registration does not include Official Jersey

Once payment is done, there will be no refunds made to athletes who enter the event as non-members and later become members of the Portuguese Cycling Federation. Membership must be valid on the date of registration.


Art. 12.2.- What it includes:

Official Event Jersey (check article 7 in these rules)

Liquid and solid refuelling

Mechanical assistance (check article 35 in these rules)

Frontal plate (check article 21 in these rules)

Medical assistance  

Personal Injury Insurance (included in the entries for athletes who are not members of the FPC)

Finisher Medal

Finisher Diploma (in digital format)


Luncheon at the end of the Event


Art. 12.3.- Extras

At the time of registration, it’s possible to purchase some extras that are not included in the basic entry for the event.

Luncheon for anyone accompanying the athlete has the extra cost of €12 per person and can be purchased at the time of registration.

Art. 12.4.- Withdrawals

No refunds will be made to an athlete in case of withdrawal from the event.


Art. 13.Registrations for the event can only be made on the website, on the appropriate form. The registration will only be considered valid after payment, within the deadline established through the payment methods announced on the official website. Registrations are open until midnight on 31st March. After the closing date, the organisation will make some more entries available at an extra cost of €15, on top of the prices mentioned above for all types.

No payments will be accepted after the deadline. Payments made after the deadline will be returned, within 90 days, by bank transfer, after the organisation gets back the Credit Memo it will issue, already signed by the athlete, and with a deduction of €5 for administrative costs.

Art. 14.The participant acknowledges that the data provided during registration is correct and genuine, and that the email provided will be the preferential means of communication through which the organisation may inform the participant about all the important details concerning the event, considering that the athlete has thus been informed.


Art. 15.-  All contacts with the organisation must be made by the participants at the following address: On the 6th and 7th April, contacts can be made in person at the Race Office during their working hours.


Art. 16.Receipts concerning registration in the event will be issued according to the information gathered from the entry form. Once the receipt is issued, no changes will be made, including the tax identification number stated on the form.


Art. 17.While completing their registration, each participant acknowledges that they have downloaded and accepted the Term of Responsibility provided by the organisation, in which they declare that they know and accept the risks that may come with the participation in a bicycle touring event open to traffic. In this declaration, the athlete excludes the possibility of holding the organisation responsible for any accident that may occur due to their participation in the event. However, all participants will be covered by insurance, whether provided by the federation, or by the one subscribed by the organisation.


Art. 18. The participation Kit must be picked up at the event’s race Office, open on 6th and 7th April, at times and place announced in the Program (go see The Event/2019GranFondoLisboa/Program).


Art. 19.In order to pick up the documentation in the secretariat, some sort of valid ID must be presented (National ID) and, in the case of athletes who are members of FPC, their valid licence must also be shown, in the event of the athlete not having signed up for the event’s insurance.


Art. 20.The documentation may be picked up by another person as long as they carry, and show at the secretariat, the originals or copies with perfectly readable data of the documents (National ID and the federation licence) belonging to the athlete, as well as a document properly signed by the participant, authorising that pick up by another person.


Art. 21.The bicycle’s frontal plate and the chip are the Organisation’s property, and the participant receives permission to use them until the end of the ride, as long as they abide by all the rules and regulations defined by the event’s rule book or by the organisation’s deliberation at any given moment. In the end, the organisation presents the participant with the frontal plate. The bicycle’s frontal plate is a personal and non-transferable item, and its use by another person is not allowed.


Art. 22.All participants must place the bicycle’s frontal plate in its correct position, at the front, in the handlebar area, in a way that its entire surface is clearly visible. Athletes who don’t observe this rule will be excluded from the event, and will stop being supported by the organisation’s framework. It’s strictly forbidden to change the graphic content of the bicycle’s frontal plate, or to add any type of image or message, be it commercial or not.


Art. 23.The chip must not be removed from the position it occupies on the (frontal) plate of the bicycle handed to each participant.


Art. 24.The organisation cannot be held responsible for any errors that may occur in reading the chip, whether they are due to the participant’s mishandling of it, or due to any other reason.





Art. 25.Trophies will be awarded to:

Absolute Men’s and Women’s Winner.


Trophies for the first three in the following age groups:


1. Men

Elites (born till 1990).

Masters A (1989 till 1980)

Masters B (1979 till 1970)

Masters C (1969 till 1960)

Masters D (1959 till 1950)

Masters E (nascidos em 1949 ou antes)

2. Women

Elites (born till 1990)

Masters (born before 1989, including)

3. Teams

Prizes for the first three teams. Times of the first 3 athletes from each team will be considered, regardless of gender or age group.

The podium ceremony will start at 3:30 p.m


The trophy and prize-giving will be done on-site and only during the ceremony. Therefore, no prizes or trophies may be given nor sent afterwards.





Art. 26.-

The ride will take place on ROADS OPEN TO TRAFFIC. All the participants must scrupulously follow the rules from the Road Traffic Code, paying special attention to the obligation to ride on the correct side of the road, and respecting the rules of priority at the crossroads. Those who don’t respect these rules will be immediately excluded from the event and will be banned from taking part in its future editions. While completing their registration, each participant acknowledges that they have downloaded and accepted the Term of Responsibility provided by the organisation, in which they declare that they know and accept the risks that may come with the participation in a bicycle touring event open to traffic.

Art. 27.In order to allow the participants to have a clear path, the organisation vehicles leading the ride will adopt an appropriate speed so that they won’t hinder the progression of the participants. However, if the conditions deem it necessary, the organisation’s vehicles may condition the speed of the participants, and these will not be allowed to overtake the vehicles at the front of the ride. Athletes who don’t obey this rule will be removed from the framework of the event from the moment they overtake the leading vehicles, and they shall proceed at their own risk.


Art. 28.It’s strictly forbidden for athletes to receive any assistance from vehicles not belonging to the organisation. It’s also forbidden for the vehicles of any accompanying persons to be in the midst of the cyclists taking part in the event. Any breach of these rules can be noted and communicated to the organisation by the authorities and other members of the organisation. The organisation will provide the necessary information concerning the places where it is advisable to watch the athletes go by and support them. The security forces involved in the ride’s framework will block the circulation of support vehicles in the midst of the cyclists in the ride, therefore enforcing the Traffic laws.


Art. 29.The event will have a framework of security forces comprised by members of the PSP and GNR, who will ensure that traffic rules are observed by all the elements present in the event, and by all other vehicles circulating.


Art. 30.Timekeeping for each athlete will be made with the use of chips. Its use is mandatory and the athlete must respect the rules for its correct positioning and use. The incorrect use or lack of a chip will mean that the athlete will not have a time registered at the checkpoints placed by the organisation, therefore leading to the disqualification of the athlete, who will not figure on the final results’ list and will not receive his participation diploma. The checkpoints and timekeeping points will be located at the start, arrival, and at other points along the course which will be previously revealed to the participants.

Art. 31.In order to ensure the integrity and safety of the participants, there are checkpoints along the course, where time limits will be defined. Athletes reaching these checkpoints after the time limit will have to withdraw from the ride and will be picked up by the organisation’s broom wagon and taken to the arrival area. The time limit to complete the Gran Fondo will be 7 hours and 45 minutes and the finish line will be closed at 4:15 p.m.

The participants who opt to go on by their own means will have to hand the frontal plate with their participant number at the checkpoint or to another member of the organisation, and will from that moment on be excluded by the organisation and other elements in the ride from the event’s framework, taking full responsibility from then on and continuing at their own risk.


Art. 32.The athletes who quit during the ride must approach or call a member of the organisation to announce their withdrawal. When the absence of an athlete is noted, search and rescue forces may be activated. Disrespect for this rule will rend the athlete who didn’t communicate their withdrawal responsible for the costs of the search and rescue process. Furthermore, the athlete will be banned from taking part in future editions of the event.

Art. 33.The athletes must scrupulously respect the timetable, namely the starting time, 8:30 a.m., making sure that they start before the broom wagon. If they don’t, they will be left out of the event’s framework and will continue at their own risk.

Start checkpoint closing time (km 0) – 10 minutes after the start.


Art. 34.The organisation will accompany the ride with medical assistance and ambulances. In case of necessity, the participants should request help from the members of the organisation who will then take the necessary action, activating the assistance that may be needed.


Art. 35.Athletes who suffer an accident during the event and must therefore use the emergency services, medical assistance or evacuation by the rescue teams, should inform the organisation of the incident within a maximum of 3 days after the event’s date by writing to the following email address:  This communication is essential to ensure insurance coverage to possible injuries or illness.


Art. 36.The organisation will provide mechanical assistance during the ride, trying to fix the mechanical problems that are possible to fix in a ride’s scenario. In case of a breakdown, labour will be free but substitution parts will be charged on site to the athletes that may need them. Therefore, the participants should carry some cash with them during the ride in order to cover such expenses. If the participant doesn’t have enough cash to cover the cost of the parts that have been used, they shall sign a debit note handed by the mechanical assistance team member, and they shall redeem it right after the end of the event, at the secretariat or at the information desk. Puncture repairs by the mechanical assistance team are excluded. Mechanical assistance will be provided by stationary and by mobile teams, which will move along the course. Due to the ride’s dynamics or positioning difficulties, or even the complexity of the breakdown, this service may not ensure assistance to all participants. The existence of this mechanical assistance doesn’t clear the participants from the responsibility of preparing their bicycles in an appropriate manner, ensuring that they are in their best condition as they line up at the start. The organisation can never be held responsible for the withdrawal of an athlete due to a lack of mechanical assistance.


Art. 37.The athletes on the ride must ensure they transport enough food and drink for the necessary fuelling and rehydration during the race. However, the organisation will set up refuelling stations in places to be announced before the event, where some food and drinks will be offered.


Art. 38.For safety reasons, it is forbidden for the participants to use headphones during the ride, in order to listen to music or to use the mobile phone.


Art. 39.During the event, the participant must carry a mobile phone with the number provided in the registration form (or some other as long as the organisation is informed in due time), some sort of ID and enough cash in case of wanting to take advantage of parts made available by the mechanical assistance during the ride. It adverse weather is forecast, the organisation may make it compulsory for athletes to carry extra gear, such as thermal blankets, windproof clothing or waterproofs.


Art. 40.- The organisation has the right to make changes in the ride’s course and the way it works, if and when it may see fit, without the need to compensate the participants for this reason.





Art. 41.The participants must behave in a responsible manner when it comes to cleanliness and preservation of the environment in all areas used by the event, from the course to the starting and finishing area. It’s strictly prohibited to litter, before, during and after the ride. It’s the participants’ responsibility to keep the packaging of the food and drinks used by them during the ride. At the end of the ride the organisation will have appropriate containers available for the athletes to place the rubbish they may be carrying. Disrespect for this rule implies the immediate removal of the participant from the event as well as a ban from taking part in any other event organised by Podium Events.





Art. 42.Participants will receive penalties if they:


Art. 42.1.Don’t respect the rules and the Road Traffic Code, as the roads will be open to traffic.


Art. 42.2.Don’t respect orders and instructions given to them by security personnel and members of the organisation.


Art. 42.3.Don’t pass through the start checkpoint, finish checkpoint, or any other checkpoints throughout the course.


Art. 42.4.Litter or damage the course or other areas used during the ride.

Art. 42.5.Have or use other vehicles for their own support that are circulating in the middle of the ride, hindering the progression of the other cyclists.

Art. 42.6.Adopt an unsportsmanlike conduct, by cheating in order to attain some advantage in their final time.


Art. 42.7.Adopt a conduct that prevents the normal progression of the ride and that goes against these rules.

Art. 42.8.Don’t warn the organisation in case of withdrawal.

Art. 42.9.Jeopardise respect for other participants or members of the organisation, in some way, through words or actions.


Art. 43.Any breach of the present rules can be detected and communicated by members of the organisation or police officers involved in the ride. It will be the organisation’s final decision what penalties to apply to the participant in question.

Art. 44.Penalties that can be applied:

​- Removal from the event without getting an official result or diploma.

- Inclusion of the name in the list of punished athletes, to be published after the event.

- Ban from entering future editions of the ride.

- Penalties applied by the police officers involved in the ride, if the breach of rules is detected by them and deemed deserving of penalty.





Art. 45.Registration for this event, and the consequent acceptance of these rules will mandatorily imply the authorisation from the participant for the organisation to be able to record totally or partially their participation. The organisation may freely use those images to advertise and promote the ride in all media outlets (television, radio, press, internet, billboards, cards and fliers, photos and videos). Therefore, the participant agrees to relinquish all the rights of image referring to the commercial and promotional use of these recordings, without receiving any monetary compensation from the organisation.





Art. 46.The Gran Fondo Lisboa organisation respects in its entirety the current data protection law. The participants acknowledge and allow that their personal data will be inserted into the organisation's files, so that they can be used in the development, administrative and commercial management, and other activities. The athletes should state the name that is to be displayed on their bib, list of entrants and final results to be published on the event’s website. The privacy policy allows for every athlete to request their data to be altered or removed, by means of an email to be sent to:





Art. 47.- The organisation is not responsible for any loss or malfunction that may affect the bicycles or other equipment belonging to the participants. The participant clears the organisation of any responsibility for any loss or deterioration of personal belongings, under any circumstances.


Art. 48.The organisation  may need to suspend and postpone the event due to force majeure. In this situation no responsibility may be demanded from the organisation. The organisation is not under obligation to compensate financially, or in any other way, any athlete or other person or entity for this reason.


Art. 49.By registering and validating the registration in the Gran Fondo Lisboa, the participants acknowledge and accept these rules unconditionally, renouncing any legal action against the organisation, derived from their taking part in the ride.


Art. 50.The organisation shall form an Event Jury, consisting of five members of the organisation, who will decide about any penalties to be applied, and about all issues connected with the event that have not been object of the rules, or about misinterpretations of the present set of rules.


Art. 51.- If a registered athlete doesn’t take part in the event, and if their documentation and eventual gifts have not been picked up at the secretariat, these items shall not be forwarded as they can only be picked up locally for the duration of the event.


Art.52.The Gran Fondo Lisboa’s organisation is the responsibility of Clube Desportivo e Recreativo Chronos , in partnership with Stream Plan, Podium Events and Ultra Spirit Sports.


These rules may be subject to changes.